Brow Artist

3 Certificates

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5 Years Lash Experience

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Brow Artist

Introducing Krystal, a seasoned Lash Artist at M Beauty Studio, with a passion for transforming and accentuating the beauty of the eyes. With over six years of dedicated experience in the field of lash artistry, Krystal has earned a reputation for her mastery of a wide variety of lash extension techniques.

Specializing in services such as Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume lash extensions, along with Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination, Krystal brings an impressive range of skills to M Beauty Studio’s clientele. Her expertise allows her to cater to a broad spectrum of aesthetic preferences, from those seeking a natural enhancement to those desiring a dramatic transformation.

Krystal’s lash extensions are celebrated for their personalized touch, designed to complement each client’s unique eye shape and style. Her Lash Lifts and Brow Laminations are praised for their ability to elevate natural beauty, leaving clients with a polished and refined look that requires minimal upkeep.

Beyond her technical skills, Krystal is loved for her warm and approachable demeanor. She believes in creating a comforting and relaxed atmosphere, ensuring her clients enjoy a soothing experience along with top-tier beauty enhancements.

With Krystal as your Lash Artist, you can expect a fusion of creativity, precision, and genuine care. Her commitment to her craft and to her clients’ satisfaction ensures that you will leave M Beauty Studio looking and feeling your best.